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Taiwan Surf Forecasts

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Taiwan Weekly Wave
02.18.2020 - 02.24.2020

High pressure will prevail across the region for most of the week, allowing for the recent NE swell and strong winds to dissipate for the next day or two.

Later in the week, a couple of low pressure systems (one to the northwest and one to the northeast) will interact with the high pressure, resulting in a sharp freshening of winds on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday through the weekend we should see a mix of short-period (6s) E windswell and and longer-period (10s) ESE swell, with the possibility that the two swells will clean up by Monday.

Swell Chart Source: meteoblue.com

Taiwan Weekly Wave
02.10.2020 - 02.16.2020

Note: Starting next week, the Taiwan Weekly Wave will be posted on Tuesdays, with the forecast days being Tuesday through Monday.

Leftovers from the latest swell event will linger through Monday, and the rest of the week is looking very small, as a high pressure ridge dominates the region through Thursday. That high pressure system should produce some weak SE swell on Thursday or Friday, but it shouldn’t be anything to write home about.

Over the weekend, a low pressure system will form north of Taiwan and produce some NNE windswell late Sunday or Monday. With the system's close proximity to the island, most surf spots in the north and northeast should see unfavorable conditions as winds increase ahead of the frontal system. It's still too early to accurately forecast this system, but since this week is not looking so good, let's hope it brings something decent for early next week.

Swell Chart Source: meteoblue.com

Taiwan Weekly Wave
02.03.2020 - 02.09.2020

The small E swell we've had for the past few days will continue to trickle in through Tuesday, providing knee to waist high waves for exposed breaks. Favorable winds should continue through Tuesday, then strong north-northeasterly winds will kick in early Wednesday, accompanied by a new mid-sized pulse of swell. Unfortunately, this windswell will be in the shorter period range of around 7 seconds. The combination of the shorter period and increased onshore/cross-shore winds make for uncertain conditions.

Of interest, there is a massive low pressure system (945 mb) in the North Pacific, with 30 ft seas and sustained winds up to 50 mph. With so many land masses between that storm and Taiwan, it won't result in any swell for us. However, a number of smaller low pressures may be spawned from the storm, with potential swell development later in the week for Taiwan. Anything better than the last few days would be welcomed!

Swell Chart Source: meteoblue.com

Taiwan Weekly Wave
01.27.2020 - 02.02.2020

A low pressure system swept across Taiwan on Sunday, with an associated cold front bringing cooler temperatures and strong northerly winds for the next couple of days. We should see a bump in NE swell, as compared with last week.

As the above-mentioned low pressure tracks northeasterly towards Japan, it will experience strong vertical shear and split into two low pressure systems. As these storms intensify, northerly winds will increase and possibly bring another bump in swell later in the week.

Enjoy the last few days of the holiday....we're wishing for some better surf!

Swell Chart Source: meteoblue.com

Taiwan Weekly Wave
01.20.2020 - 01.26.2020

Waves should be on the small side for the next few days, as a high pressure system slowly moves across the region. A small bump in east swell should arrive Wednesday afternoon, but won't last very long.

On Friday, a weak low pressure system will form north of Taiwan and create some wind swell for eastern spots. This will also be a fairly quick event. Hope you're able to find some waves during the Chinese New Year holiday!

These are combined daily averages for the week:

• Jinshan:5.1 ft @ 7.7s
• Fulong:3.9 ft @ 9.2s
• Wushi Harbor:3.8 ft @ 9.3s
• Jiqi:4.4 ft @ 9.4s
• Jinzun:3.9 ft @ 8.9s
• Jialeshui:4.5 ft @ 7.4s
• Yuguangdao:3.2 ft @ 5.3s
• Zhunan:4.3 ft @ 6.1s

Swell Chart Source: meteoblue.com

Taiwan Weekly Wave
01.13.2020 - 01.19.2020

An intensifying low pressure system moving northeastward, currently to Taiwan's southeast, will bring northeasterly winds and cooler temperatures to Taiwan this week. As a result, a pulse of NE swell should arrive late Tuesday for the north, northwest, and northeast. However, this will mostly be wind swell with periods in the 6 to 7 second range, and the swell will quickly ease after Wednesday.

Later in the week, another low pressure system is forecast to form northeast of Taiwan, with the possibility of it deepening and moving northeast towards Japan. As the system moves northeastward, the majority of the island will again see short period waves (@6 - 7s) and windy conditions from Friday through Saturday.

For the east, the forecast is similar to above, with moderately smaller swell size and lighter winds. Southern spots will likely continue to see strong winds throughout most of the week.

Swell Chart Source: meteoblue.com

Taiwan Weekly Wave
01.06.2020 - 01.12.2020

Waves for Monday and Tuesday should remain on the small side.   There is currently a trough of low pressure northwest of Taiwan, which will deepen as it moves northeasterly towards Japan.  As a result, we will see a new swell event arrive to the north on Wednesday.  This should be a quick swell event, peaking late Wednesday and easing through Thursday, then back to small waves on Friday.

Small waves should persist through Saturday and early Sunday, with potential for a bump in swell Sunday afternoon, thanks to another low pressure system moving in from the west.

Swell Chart Source: meteoblue.com

Taiwan Weekly Wave
12.30.2019 - 01.05.2020

A high pressure ridge will remain north of Taiwan through Wednesday, creating fresh winds and much larger swell for northern Taiwan (biggest on Tuesday):

• Northwest: 8-11 ft @ 7s, winds gusting to 40 mph
• North: 8-11 ft @ 8s, winds gusting to 36 mph
• Northeast: 6-7 ft @ 8s, winds gusting to 32 mph

Conditions will be windy and onshore/cross-shore at most unsheltered surf spots.

The rest of Taiwan will also get a big bump in swell, with the biggest waves also on Tuesday:

• East (Hualien): 6-8 ft @ 8s, winds gusting to 22 mph
• East (Taitung): 5-7 ft @ 8s, winds gusting to 25 mph
• South: 5-7 ft @ 8s, winds gusting to 40 mph
• Southwest: 6-8 ft @ 8s, winds gusting to 12 mph

Swelleye wishes you a Happy New Year, with 2020 filled with lots of good surf!

Swell Chart Source: meteoblue.com

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